Gloveworks® Industrial Blue Vinyl Gloves (Case of 1000)

Gloveworks® by AMMEX® Blue Vinyl Powder Free Industrial Gloves are highly visible, which makes them great for food processing: If a tiny bit should ever become detached, you'll be able to see it before it ends up in the food. Dependable, latex-free. S-XL, sold 100 per box, 10 boxes per case.


  • Product Code: IVBPF
  • Color: Blue


  • Material: Vinyl
  • Powder Content: Powder Free
  • Thickness (Palm): 3 mil


  • Finish: Polymer Coated

Dimensions (LxWxH)

  • Inches: in
  • Millimeter: mm
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs.

Product Details

There are times when you want a disposable glove that blends into the background, and others when you want one that really stands out.

Highly visible gloves are especially important in ensuring food production safety. If a tiny bit of glove should become detached, you want to find it before it ends up in the food. This is particularly a concern when you’re filleting fish, or in baking, meat processing, and similar applications.

Gloveworks® by AMMEX® Blue Vinyl Powder Free Industrial Gloves are easy to spot, thanks to their high-visibility color.

In addition to food-related applications, these gloves are well-suited for janitorial and sanitation, plumbing, painting, beauty uses, and countless others that require frequent glove changes.

They’re made from component materials that comply with FDA regulations for food contact, and they are California Prop. 65 compliant. There are hundreds of applications around the house, from the kitchen to the garage to the yard and everywhere in between.

Vinyl is less elastic than nitrile and latex, giving it a loose fit and a smooth, comfortable feel. Gloveworks Blue Vinyl Powder Free Industrial Gloves offer great tactile sensitivity as well as barrier protection from a large number of common chemicals and cleaning solutions. They have no messy powder on the inside, but the polymer coating makes them easy on and off.

These ambidextrous, non-sterile gloves are sold 100 per box, 10 boxes per case, in sizes from small to XL. They’re also available in clear vinyl, which allows color coding by specialty or size.