AMMEX Disposable Poly Aprons (Case of 400) - 1 Mil

Those in the food business know the importance of personal protective equipment. AMMEX® Poly Aprons keep workers covered. At 28 inches wide by 46 inches long and made of 1-mil polyethylene, they provide dependable protection during routine tasks. Easy-on, easy-off with attached self-ties. Sold 100 per box, 400 per case.


  • Product Code: PA
  • Color: White


  • Material: Poly
  • Powder Content: 
  • Thickness (Palm): 


  • Finish: 

Dimensions (LxWxH)

  • Inches: in
  • Millimeter: mm
  • Weight: 12.7 lbs.

Product Details

Those who work in the food business—whether they’re processing it, preparing it, serving it, or cleaning up after it’s been consumed—know how important personal protective equipment is.

Being properly prepared begins, of course, with disposable gloves, but it doesn’t end there. When it comes to having the right tools for the job, another major consideration is how well food-service workers are covered beyond their hands.

The next item on the readiness checklist should be AMMEX® Poly Aprons 1.0 Mil.

Both disposable and economical, these aprons are 28 inches wide by 46 inches long, which means they generously cover most workers. Constructed of 1-mil waterproof polyethylene, they provide dependable protection during routine tasks: Stains won’t leak through to clothing, and they guard against splash back. They’re easily disposable for quick and convenient cleanup.

AMMEX Poly Aprons 1.0 Mil come with attached self-ties to make them easy on and easy off—no hassle trying to thread the tie through loops. Because they are made of polyethylene, there is no latex to trigger sensitivities.

They’re perfect for just about any job you can think of that’s related to food—restaurants, cafeterias, catering businesses, line production, and many more—as well as numerous industrial uses.

They are sold 100 per box, 400 per case, in one universal size.

Your personal protective equipment must begin with gloves, especially if your business involves food. Make sure you turn next to AMMEX Poly Aprons 1.0 Mil.