Community Relations

As part of our ongoing commitment to philanthropic initiatives locally and abroad to support anti-hunger and humanitarian causes, GOLCHIN partners with non-profits such as food banks to donate non-perishable foods and plan and promote online and in-person and virtual events and fundraisers several times a year.

We also select several community events to be part of by making donations of raffle prizes (Golchin Food products and promotional items) and limited sponsorships and monetary support for worthy causes.  To make a request, send a detailed email to the email below to our Marketing and Community Relations Manager with as much details as possible, to include but not limited to:

  • Name, location and date of event

  • Purpose of event

  • In person or online

  • If you have a social media account: which social media and what’s your handle

  • Non-profit or corporate

  • What is your ask? In kind donation or monetary

  • Why should we consider your request?

  • Why did you reach out to our company?

  • How will you promote our brand/if any (online, flyers, word of mouth)

Contact us at: